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25 New Financial Service Practical Case Studies That Power Momentum & Awareness & Champion Inclusion & Belonging Impactful & Inclusive Diversity, Gender & Mental Health Strategies. 

Drive Practical ED&I Action With Refreshed & Strategic Initiatives Which Tackle The Gender Imbalance, Prioritise Mental Health & Wellbeing, Represent Ethnic & Racial Minorities, Empower Diverse & Inclusive Leadership & Embed A True Culture & Sense Of Belonging For All

A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 23rd November 2022, One America Square, Central London. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3.

  1. Engage, Retain & Support Women In Finance - Fuel Critical Change: Proactive strategies to tackle the gender imbalance within Financial Services and support women to excel, develop and climb the corporate ladder
  2. Truly Represent Ethnic & Racial Minorities: Foster an open and inclusive environment and eliminate isolation, microaggressions and unconscious bias
  3. Prioritise Mental Health & Wellbeing: Tackle stress, burnout, imposter syndrome and psychological safety in FS with proactive and supportive strategies
  4. Empower & Inspire With Diverse & Inclusive Leadership: Encourage diversity and change champions within leadership to hit representation targets and true diversity at the top level
  5. Establish An Open, Supportive & Change-Ready Culture: Overcome fears, stigmas, and break down taboos with open channels of communication, shared values and increased engagement
  6. Embed Intersectionality & Belonging Into Your D&I Strategies: Holistic approaches to unite the silos across your organisation and drive a real sense of belonging by truly understanding your workforce mosaic
  7. Reignite Engagement & Empower Your Hybrid Workforce! Harness fundamental societal changes to re-engage your team and promote inclusion inside and outside of the office
  8. Disability, Neurodiversity & Accessibility: Tap into refreshed and diverse ways of thinking to combat barriers to engagement and truly diversify and improve representation across the Financial Services
  9. Emerging D&I Financial Services Regulatory Requirements: Tackle the lack of representation and diversity in Financial Services by exploring the evolving regulatory landscape and restrictions to future-proof your DE&I initiatives
  10. Data - Trust, Collection & Representation: Capture and translate critical data into actionable insights to monitor inclusion, evidence impact and set ongoing D&I targets across the Financial Services

25 HR, D&I, Gender Equality & Mental Health Champions In Financial Services Share Their Fresh & Innovative Approaches To Diversify Senior Leadership, Embed A Culture Of Belonging & Equity Into Their Strategic Plans, Drive Intersectionality & Navigate The Era Of Hybrid & Flexible Working, New Regulations & Data Insights

Now Is Your Chance To Get Involved In The Gender, Diversity & Mental Health In Financial Services Conference!

Can You Help Financial Services Advance Their Gender, DE&I Strategies & Mental Health Strategies To Make A Meaningful Impact?
For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

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What's New At The Diversity, Gender & Mental Health In Financial Services Conference?

  • 26 Action-Orientated Leaders Focus On Equality, Belonging, Diversity & Inclusion Specifically Within Financial Services
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Gender: Women In Finance, Intersectionality
  • 3 Spotlight Discussions On Disability, LGBTQ+, Transgender
  • 7 Breakout Discussions: Psychological Safety, Social Mobility, Equal Opportunities, Networks & Sponsor Schemes, Belonging, Education, Financial Exclusion
  • 100% Satisfaction Rating At Our Recent Diversity & Inclusion Conference (March 2022)

You'll Be In Safe Hands. Here's What Previous Attendees Have To Say About Our Sister Event:

26 HR, D&I, Gender Equality & Mental Health Champions In Financial Services Offer Powerful, Practical & Inspiring Case Studies In 1 Day! Ethnicity & Race • Gender: Women In Finance  • Mental Health & Wellbeing • Diverse & Inclusive Leadership • Culture, Values & Engagement • Intersectionality • Hybrid & Flexible Working • Disability, Neurodiversity & Accessibility • Regulatory Requirements • Data: Trust, Collection & Representation

Power Momentum & Awareness & Champion Inclusion & Belonging In Financial Services: Impactful & Inclusive Gender, Diversity & Mental Health Strategies For Financial Services

Drive Practical ED&I Action With Refreshed & Strategic Initiatives Which Tackle The Gender Imbalance, Prioritise Mental Health & Wellbeing, Represent Ethnic & Racial Minorities, Empower Diverse & Inclusive Leadership & Embed A True Culture & Sense Of Belonging For All

1 Day, 26 Financial Services Speakers, 23rd November 2022, Central London. 

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