A One-Day, Practitioner-Led, Cross-Sector & Networking Exhibition, Amsterdam, 23rd November 2023

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Drive Real Results With Fresh, Impactful & Future-Ready Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategies. Embed Resilient & Robust Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategies In The New Challenges Of Hybrid-Working Cultures, Form Deep Rooted Allyship With Engaged & Bought-In Leaders, Combat Bias With Pioneering Recruitment & Talent Attraction Strategies, Measure & Prove Impact, Report Pay Gaps Accurately & Create Supportive Staff Networks, Intersectionality & Global D&I Cohesion. A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 22nd March 2022. Send 4 For 3! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 For Details.

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Whilst wearing a face covering and social distancing are not legal requirements, we encourage our attendees to limit close contact and wear masks if you can. We also encourage all attendees to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of attending the conference and, of course, not to attend if feeling unwell.  The conference venue will be have enhanced cleaning and disinfecting throughout and regularly, as well as having hand sanitising stations freely available.  Please note the temperature at the venue will be set at 19 degrees, so please dress accordingly.

32 Leaders Share Fresh Insights Into Tackling The New & Unforeseen Challenges Of The Hybrid Working Environment, Of Engaging Leaders, Combatting Bias In Recruitment, Evidencing Success, Pay Gap Reporting, To Committing To True Company Values & Purpose & Creating The Right Culture, Infrastructure & People Strategies To See Meaningful Impact

  1. Drive Inclusion In Hybrid & Flexible Workforces: Innovative strategies that make staff feel valued and encourage them to be themselves, regardless of where they’re working
  2. Fuel Leadership Support, Fuel Change: Gain senior stakeholder buy-in for long-term change and impact
  3. A Culture Of Inclusion & Allyship? Champion a culture and environment of inclusion and two-way collaboration
  4. Maintaining Momentum Around Race Equality & Ethnic Diversity: Open up new avenues and opportunities for the conversation on race equality and ethnic diversity to evolve the business
  5. From Unconscious Bias To Conscious Inclusion: Mitigate bias in your recruitment and talent attraction strategies to attract, engage and retain top talent
  6. Transparent Pay Gap Reporting: Build trust to increase disclosure and gain a full picture to tackle gaps in pay across gender, race and other protected characteristics
  7. Evidence Your Successes With Key Metrics & Measurements: Accurately determine progress to celebrate success, set ongoing agendas for change and address diversity holistically
  8. Go Beyond The Bottom Line – Embed True Company Values: From applicants to customers, prove to internal and external stakeholders that D&I goes beyond lip service and build success
  9. The Power Of Staff Networks: Harness the energy of the staff voice with networks that encourage conversation, support colleagues and boost performance
  10. I&D In A Global Context: Adapt global strategies to be sensitive to local needs while still advancing inclusion

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What’s New At The 5th Annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference?

  • 30+ Cross-Sector HR & D&I Directors Speaking from Financial Services, Transportation, Food & Drink, Telecomms, Retail, Healthcare, Construction, Energy, Broadcast, Government and Sport
  • 100% Satisfaction Rating At Our Recent Diversity & Inclusion Conference (September 2021)!
  • 4 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) D&I in a Hybrid Working B) Environment, Mitigating Bias In Recruitment & Talent Attraction C) Maximising Staff Networks D) Intersectionality
  • 4 Networking Breakout Discussions: A) Neurodiversity B) Vaccine
    Discrimination C) Social Mobility D) Protected Characteristics
  • Dedicated Networking Opportunities
  • Industry-Respected, One-Day, Brand-Led Event!
View The Info Pack Book Your Pass Today For £599!

You’ll Be In Safe Hands. Here’s What Previous Attendees Have To Say:

‘Very interesting, of the moment and great food for thought!’ Standard Life

‘A good mix of industry sectors represented and a great set of informative speakers.’ Vodafone

‘Thought provoking, engaging and insightful.’ United Utilities

32 Diversity & Inclusion & HR Directors Give Powerful, Practical & Inspiring Case Studies In 1 Day! D&I In A Hybrid Working Environment • Engaging Leaders • Race Equality & Ethnic Diversity • Building An Inclusive Culture • Mitigating Bias in Recruitment & Talent Attraction • Measuring Impact • Maximising Staff Networks Panel • Beyond The Bottom Line • Pay Gap Reporting • The Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Story • Intersectionality


8.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

9.00 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jackie Beer, Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion, BT


9.10 Adapt D&I Strategies & Channels & Reignite Engagement From Management & Colleagues To Capitalise On Opportunities & Counter Disadvantages Of The Increase In Hybrid & Flexible Working

  • With some in every day, and others in once a week, how do you ensure everyone is treated the same, and feel equally part of the team
  • Winning strategies to increase inclusivity in hybrid meetings and that there is true connection between colleagues
  • How you can make homeworking truly inclusive of everybody on the team and ensure underrepresented groups in the workplace don’t suffer heightened
    isolation in a remote working environment
  • On the one hand, homeworking has created freedom and made previously barring roles more accessible, but how do we ensure no individual’s career is curtailed just because they’ve chosen not to come into the office so much and how do we build hybrid models which avoid reinforcing traditional gender roles
Fenil Khiroya, Global Head of HR for Legal,Company Secretariate & Special Investigation Services & Corporate Affairs, Brand & Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank

Antonio Bebba, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Regional Operations Lead (Europe), Pfizer

Mohammed Farooq, Regulatory Development Manager, National Grid

Charles Alberts, Head of UK Wellbeing Solutions, Aon


9.40 Fuel C-Suite Support, Fuel Change: Highlight The Ongoing Necessity Of I&D Sponsorship To Keep The D&I Conversation Front & Centre Of The Senior Leader’s Agenda

  • The D&I conversation has been around for decades, and it will be here for decades more – so how do you get leaders engaged in initiatives so long term, they will probably outlive their tenure?
  • Leaders know and understand the importance of D&I, but how do you keep them engaged in the midst of everything else on their plate?
  • D&I is not just for the HR team – uncover pioneering ways to make D&I a priority for every single employee, starting with the leaders first!
  • Create opportunities for upward mentoring to flourish
Putri Realita, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Danone


10.00 Keep The Conversation Going! Shine The Spotlight On Strategies To Advance Racial Equality & Ethnic Diversity With Inclusive Conversations To Ensure Approaches Are Cultivated Collaboratively

Looking back and looking forward… in the wake of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter to hold a mirror up to the business and determine what’s really changed for the better and what still needs changing? What’s the difference between “not racist” and “anti-racist” and unearth key steps your organisation needs to take to go beyond lip service and embed long term change and career pipelining to create a truly diverse team from leadership to new starters.

David Carrigan, Group Director – Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing, Sky

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 


10.20 Bringing Your Whole Self To Work 

Liz Villani, Founder, iAM


10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 


11.05 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.20 Create A Culture Of Inclusion & Allyship In Order To Build A Space In Which People Can Bring Their Truest & Best Selves To Work

  • Unearth the non-negotiables of culture setting to ensure an environment of psychological safety and encouraging of inclusivity
  • With hybrid working on everyone’s mind, how can we create working
    environments, both physical and virtual, that promote openness
  • Build a culture of learning and allyship which can call out micro behaviours without vilifying people for getting it wrong – create a culture where you seek to understand and seek to help people change – and the onus is on the business not individuals
  • Combat any stirrings of an “us and them” situation towards one which is
    dedicated to unleashing everyone’s potential
Vicky Bawa, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems Maritime & Land


11.40 From Job Ads To Talent Pooling & Progression – Hiring & L&D Strategies To Champion The Leaders Of The Future To Progress & Get The Promotions They Are Perfect For
  • No more of this “our kind of person”!!! Train hiring managers to think differently and support them to broaden scope, horizons and mitigate bias in their recruitment choices
  • Ensure job descriptions are written to attract diverse talent and advertised in places where a wide variety of candidates will see and apply
  • Harness data to see where you’re missing out on top candidates
  • Why would someone stay with a company if they can’t see their future? Go beyond the initial hire with learning and development strategies which retain top talent
  • Consider the role of technology within the I&D space… which tools and systems really tackle unconscious bias?
Karen Pearce, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (People), The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Gill Thomas, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, Balfour Beatty plc

Emma Birchall, Global Head of Diversity &, Inclusion, Ericsson

Janet Tidmarsh, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Whitbread PLC

12.10 Harness Data To Ensure That Your Strategies Are Having Their Intended Impact & Demonstrate Worth
To Senior Leaders In The Business
  • Employee feedback, turnover, progression and pay… set realistic and impactful targets which can be measured to evidence the success of strategies and programmes
  • Ensure internal KPIs measure up to national benchmarks: how can you accurately prove improvement and success?
  • Some things are harder to measure than others! Explore innovative ways to measure wellbeing and cultural behaviours
Ian Adams, Director of Membership & Stakeholder Engagement, NHS Resolution

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Breakout Discussions

A. Neurodiversity

B. Vaccine Discrimination

C. Social Mobility

D. Protected Characteristics

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Natalie Sigona, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems


13.40 Support Employee-Led Networks Where Everybody Feels Seen, Heard & Able To Connect To Further D&I Initiatives & Garner Feedback To Work Into Real Business Strategies & Change

  • How mature are your staff networks? What resources, support and guidance does each group need to keep on uniting colleagues?
  • Keep the momentum of remote meetings and network engagement going as more of us move to hybrid or office working
  • Collaborate with staff networks to ensure feedback is actioned and diverse voices are embedded into governance and assurance processes
beth clarke, head of people development, wagamama

Claire Parker, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Britvic

Claire Harris, Co-Chair BBC Ability Staff Network, BBC

Amy Frances, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Experian
Natalie Rose, HSE Advisor – Co-Chair of HS2’s, REACH Network HS2 Ltd

14.10 Moving From Transactional To Transformational
Butch Fazal, Coach Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Football Association


14:30 Supporting Employees ‘Family Life addresses Gender and Generational Equity. Do your employees’ diverse family responsibilities already form part of your inclusion plans? They should do!

This quick, information-packed session will give you insights into the state of the nation when it comes to empowering your working parents and carers.

  • The Bright Horizons Modern Families Index is an important year-on-year indicator of trends for working families. Hear this year’s important insights into the mindset of parents and carers in the new world, with pointers for gender equity and generational inclusion.
  • Find out what different generations expect from their employers in terms of family support?
  • Understand which strategies are most popular in the competition for talent?

Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizon


14.45 It’s All About People & Purpose Over Profit! As The Generations Shift & Millennials Move Centre Stage, Pivot Your Business Both Internally & Externally To Truly Embed Social Values

  • Hit the sweet spot to effect change: From LGBTQI+ inclusion though to ethnicity, race and gender – refresh the focus and show true support for diverse
    communities by harnessing data, narrative or a combination
  • Allyship & Bought-In Leaders: Create safe spaces which enable courageous conversations to ensure truly diverse social values are at the heart of the business
  • Covid has shone a spotlight on the disproportionate impact disasters have on underrepresented groups – become part of the solution, not part of the problem!
  • From energy bills to job applications, Millennial and GenZ increasingly make decisions about businesses based on value – meet the expectations of the next generation – what are the revised priorities and expectations of our new talent pipeline and how must this shape and focus the culture and ethos businesses
Pips Bunce, Director, Investment Banking Technology – Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse


15.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.50 Openreach Will Share Insights Into How They Are Building A More Diverse And Inclusive Workplace, Highlighting The Crucial Role People Networks Play In The Work

Sharon Pavitt, Head of Inclusion, Talent, Wellbeing & Leadership, Openreach


16.10 How Pay Gap Reporting Helps Drive D&I Strategy & Action Plans To Address Fundamental Challenges & Improve Equality At Work

  • Why transparency is key for your organisation – voluntarily publishing pay gaps, publicly setting targets and setting out your plan
    communities by harnessing data, narrative or a combination
  • Action Planning! Dealing with the negative side of publishing your pay gaps and recognising there is much work to do
  • How do you set your benchmarks and metrics to gain the most accurate reflection of your workforce pay?
  • Beyond the report: what learnings need to be implemented now to drive improvements?
Devi Virdi, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Centrica


16.30 Explore Global Vs Local Needs To Establish Successful I&D Strategies Which Help People Belong In A Worldwide, International Business
  • From gendered language to cultural differences, how can you adapt global strategies to be sensitive to local needs while still prioritising and championing your people?
  • What do you need to think about and how do you engage with specific challenges of each environment?
  • Balance creating a holistic and overarching strategy to ensure all regions advance in their I&D strategies with recognising the need for tailored timelines and benchmarks for success
Lauren von Stackelberg, Chief Equity Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Tate & Lyle


16.50 People Cannot Be Put Into Boxes! Explore The Complex Makeup Of Your Workforce To Best Support All Employees & Foster A Sense Of Belonging

  • One size doesn’t fit all: raise awareness of intersectionality and fully incorporate it into your existing D&I strategy
  • Pivot your organisation and D&I engagement to reflect the many lived experiences and the additional pressures some people experience
  • Explore the greatest hurdles to looking at diversity holistically… and the steps you can take to break down the barriers
  • Where are we losing people in our D&I efforts? Prevent disconnection to ensure no individuals miss out on the support and engagement they need
Kate Stickley, Inclusion & Diversity Specialist, St. James’s Place, Wealth Management

Harry Dozier, Head of Health Workforce Equality, Scottish Government

Rubi Sarang, Project Manager – Rolling Stock & Co-Chair of HS2’s REACH Network, HS2 Ltd

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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