A One-Day, Practitioner-Led, Cross-Sector & Networking Exhibition, London, 20th April 2023

36 Diversity & Inclusivity Leaders, 1 Day

Accelerate Action, Power Impact & Drive Real Results With

Refreshed, Proactive & Practical Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategies

Champion Belonging, Celebrate Awareness & Power Momentum With Inclusive Cultures, Refreshed Recruitment Strategies, Critical Mental Health & Financial Wellbeing Support, Leadership Champions, Data-Driven Diversity, Neurodiverse, Socioeconomic & Ethnicity Strategies & Effective Hybrid Working Policies For A Lasting Competitive Edge

37 Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Reveal What Companies Need To Do To Foster Modern Inclusive Cultures In One Impactful Day!

Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Leadership • Inclusive Cultures • Measurement & Impact • Unbiased Recruitment & Talent • Neurodiversity • Hybrid Workforces • Ethnicity & Race • Financial Wellbeing • Mental Health • Socioeconomic Inclusion • Protected Characteristics • Intersectionality


Ensure Leadership Initiatives That Authentically Champion D&I:

Equip leaders with appropriate training to propel D&I agendas forward and create diverse progression opportunities and promotions


Fuel Change With Authentic & Inclusive Cultures:

Equip leaders with appropriate training to propel D&I agendas forward and create diverse progression opportunities and promotions


Measure Impact & Action Data Insights To Drive Inclusive Change:

Evidence real impact by monitoring and evaluating data which demonstrates your commitment to equality and inclusion authentically


Diverse, Unbiased & Inclusive Recruitment Strategies & Talent Pipelines:

Benchmark progress and review processes to adapt, amend and update in order to drive equitable and fair recruitment across the board


Drive Real Progress - Socioeconomic Inclusion & Neurodiversity:

Practical and proactive approaches to design and develop EDI programmes that support those from diverse socioeconomic and neurodiverse backgrounds


Reignite Engagement By Elevating Hybrid EDI Cultures:

Energise and motivate your hybrid workforce by ensuring that those most vulnerable feel supported even at home


Ethnicity, Race & Intersectionality:

Combat discrimination of any kind, tackle inequalities and foster an open and supportive culture for long-term impact


Protect, Train & Equip Employees With Bespoke Financial Wellbeing Initiatives:

Adopt fresh strategies which support employees during the cost-of-living crisis to alleviate anxieties and reduce stress in the workplace


Practical & Proactive Mental Health Support Strategies & Systems:

Eliminate the burnout culture and remove stigmas and taboos to encourage open conversations and protect your employees’ mental health


Eliminate Discrimination With Equal Representation Amongst Protected Characteristics:

Encourage fair practices and behaviours in the workplace with actively aim to achieve an equal and consistent treatment of workers


  • 17 Cross-Sector Inspiring Perspectives Including:
    • Financial Services
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Non-Profits
    • Food & Drink
    • Retail & Cosmetics
  • 3 Thought-Leading Panel Discussions:
    • Inclusive Cultures
    • Hybrid Workforces
    • Intersectionality
  • 9 D&I Employee Network Leaders & Chairs
  • Dedicated Peer Sharing & Networking In-Person
  • 6 Interactive Workshop Discussions:
    • LGBT+ Inclusion
    • Allyship
    • Age
    • Menopause
    • Disability
    • Accessibility

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