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Our Partners

Oleeo provides an enterprise-wide Recruiting Enablement platform. With intelligence built-in, Oleeo is your recruiting force multiplier, letting you leverage data and automation to make great, diverse hires more efficiently and effectively, every day.

With Oleeo:

  • Reduce recruiter workloads while nurturing, hiring, and/or redeploying high volumes of candidates
  • Tailor recruiting workflows to pinpoint and fast track top candidates, and to better engage candidates for the future
  • Inform and hardwire D&I into your recruiting strategy, moving the needle in D&I

Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform includes solutions to attract, source, select, engage, hire, and onboard employees. With capabilities in volume recruiting, campus recruiting, event management, virtual recruiting, interview management, redeployment, internal mobility, intelligent candidate selection, de-biasing job postings, and talent acquisition insights, Oleeo offers the most comprehensive Recruiting Enablement platform. Today over 400 employers use Oleeo.

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