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Our Partners


Bright Horizons is dedicated to providing the best in class work+family solutions. Alongside the provision of great childcare solutions, today we are dedicated to supporting employers enable the holistic combination of work and family; ensuring their working parents and carers are amongst the most engaged and productive members of any team.

The business now globally encompasses approximately 1,100 nurseries, over 10,000 emergency childcare and back-up care providers and works with more than 1,150 of the world’s leading employers providing a full range of work and family support. Our bespoke services address the practical, wellbeing and cultural needs of organisations and individuals.

With operations in the US, UK, India and the Netherlands, we specialise in supporting multi-national clients. We have a strong commitment to corporate sustainability, which we approach through our Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

We act as a trusted partner, provider and advisor on strategies for combining work+family. This plays a key part in attracting, engaging and retaining clients’ talented employees.



Courageous Success operates globally helping people to #beyourselfatwork.  Think - be you and bring your real and best self to work - at scale.

With a 90% impact on self awareness, iAM and iAM Digital are the world’s first personalised values tools.  Hosted by us or on your LMS, users create a picture of themselves in their own words.  iAM is based upon Self Concept Theory, your iAM shows you who you are and how you uniquely work.  Your purpose, motivators, how to make a difference, authentic leading and influencing, your personalised keys to wellbeing and resilience

DEIB, Talent, Leadership Development, Life Changing Manager Webinars and iAM Culture programmes - we work with you to bring your personal and workplace realness and diversity to life. 1:1, High Performing Teams, cultural review & acceleration, branded fresh e-learning.

Personalisation, where being you becomes your core way of work and life. #beyourselfatwork

Watch the iAM film here.



Hello, we’re Texthelp….the experts in digital inclusion and accessibility.

We believe that literacy is everyone’s passport to professional and social success. That’s why we’ve created smart, easy-to-use support technologies that allow people to access and understand digital content, as well as read and write with greater confidence.

We’re a leader in digital inclusion and assistive software with products that are used
daily by thousands of employers and employees worldwide. Our digital inclusion
software is used by private, public and nonprofit organisations worldwide to promote equality and diversity, personal empowerment while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Texthelp works closely with leading technology companies including Google and
Microsoft, together with many of the world’s major publishers to provide bespoke
literacy support solutions worldwide.

Customers include: House of Representatives, US Senate, US Courts, Library of
Congress and CitiGroup.



Visier is the global leader for people intelligence & workforce planning, providing cloud-based analytic application solutions & technology that delivers the quickest, clearest insight - starting with the right questions and guiding you to the right answers.

Visier was founded by leaders in the business analytics industry to focus on what matters: answering the right business questions. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business results.

Visier lets you hit the accelerator on data-driven HR, giving you always up-to-date answers to your important workforce questions. Up and running quickly at a fraction of the cost of other approaches, Visier lets you know your workforce like never before, connect people decisions to business outcomes, and share insights and plans with stakeholders with ease.

People are complex—your people analytics shouldn’t be!



Workhuman® is pioneering the human workplace through award-winning Social Recognition® and Continuous Performance Management solutions. Workhuman inspires more than six million humans across 180 countries to perform the best work of their lives. For the past 21 years, human resources and business leaders alike have used the Workhuman Cloud® to gain the proactive insights necessary to transform and lead a more connected, humancentered workplace that accelerates engagement and productivity. To learn more about Workhuman’s mission to make work more human for every person on the planet, and how you can ensure great work is celebrated and amplified at your workplace, visit