Europe’s Leading Diversity & Inclusion Conference Is Coming To Amsterdam!

Fuel Change, Measure Impact & Drive Progress With Practical & Powerful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategies

Establish Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Leaders ■ Improve Age Inclusivity ■ Close The Gender Gap & Mitigate Pay Disparities ■ Drive Neurodiversity Action ■ Champion Inclusive Recruitment & Retention Strategies ■ Refresh Your D&I Hybrid Practices ■ Navigate Intersectionality Bias ■ Strengthen & Build Inclusive Cultures ■ Prioritise Mental Health & Wellbeing ■ Measure Impact With Data & Insights

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ingrid Iradukunda, Diversity & Inclusion Chair, Amazon

Joanny Lijbers, Head of HR Benelux & Nutrition Europe, Unilever

Liliana Pao, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, European Commission


Double Perspective

09.20 Lead By Example! Challenge Traditional Leadership Styles By Establishing Inclusive Strategies Which Support Your D&I Goals, Increase Visible Representation & Diversify At The Top Level

  • Empower, educate and engage equitable leadership by highlighting its importance and guaranteeing D&I as a critical part of your overall business strategy
  • Not only does inclusive leadership enhance a company’s cultural awareness but it also articulates authentic commitment to diversity, so what strategies can empower all kinds of voices to promote a real sense of belonging and openness today?
  • Combat bias and discrimination by supporting and reinforcing D&I strategies from the get-go, how can inclusive leadership support your long-term D&I motives for meaningful impact?

09.20 Perspective 1

Sinisa Plavsin, Vice President Global Engagement, DEIB & Employer Brand, DHL Express

09.40 Perspective 2

Roel Van Leeuwen, Director HR Shared Service Centre, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines



10.00 Do You Walk The Talk? Establish Inclusive Cultures From The Core To Cultivate A Highly Collaborative Workforce That Fuels Innovation & Attracts Top Talent From All Ages & Backgrounds

  • Inclusivity doesn’t only include men and women but rather all genders, ages, sexualities, abilities and ethnicities, so how can we embed a culture where everyone is truly included and foster psychological safety and support employee wellbeing?
  • Combat unconscious bias, micro-aggressions and strengthen communication to reduce turnover rates and boost retention from the get-go
  • How can we push beyond PR statements and vision boards to ensure genuine action and change takes place?
  • Age is just a number! How can you create a workforce that appeals to all generations and bridges the gap between Gen Z and Boomers?

Camille John, Leadership & Diversity & Inclusion Board, Soho House

Nathalie Lam, Head of Global Sponsorship & Lead Inclusion & Diversity Brand Transformation Program, Philips Global

Aline Stokes, Inclusion & Diversity Director, Ipsen

Anca Georgescu-Aladgem, Senior Director of HR, Philips

Jo Heath, Managing Partner, Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics, Green Park

10.30 The Power Of Being An Inclusion Champion: How Allyship Can Support Effective Inclusive Leadership Across All Levels

  • It’s never been more complex being a leader: besides the ability to successfully navigate unpredictable markets and economies, they are also expected to effectively engage with workforce demographics that are more diverse than they have ever been
  • We will explore how being an inclusion champion will help not only leaders, but everyone in organizations to successfully navigate this ever-changing global landscape.
  • Being an ally takes commitment, action and learning. We will explore what this means to leaders in organisations, and what actions everyone can take to champion inclusion in ways that are authentic and meaningful.

Matheus Carvalho, Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity Services, Inclusive Employers

10.45 Morning Refreshment Break, Informal Networking & Protected Characteristics Deep Dives

Protected Characteristics Deep Dives:

  1. LGBTQ+
  2. Race
  3. Gender
  4. Trans
  5. Disability
  6. Non-Binary


11.15 Drive Meaningful Change Which Truly Reflects Your Diverse Workforce Mosaic By Maximising Data & Insights To Support Measurable Goals Which Advance Your D&I Agenda 

  • With limited access to diversity data in the EU, how can you monitor your inclusivity actions and benchmark improvements and success?
  • With more and more online systems coming into play, how can we work towards the visibility of minorities, especially when it’s becoming more difficult to measure and track?

Kamil Kuhr, Associate Director, Leaning & Inclusion, AstraZeneca


11.35 Mind The Gap! Drive A High-End Multi-Faceted Approach Which Actively Mitigates Gender Discrimination, Tackles Bias & So Much More

  • Articulate the pain points for underrepresented genders and unearth strategies which highlight unconscious bias within your organization in order to reduce and eliminate inequalities and drive forward real change
  • How can we create a talent pool where all genders have equal access to opportunities and adhere to transparency within organizations?
  • Create a holistic approach to parental leave for all genders by demonstrating a real understanding with the need for flexibility before, during and after such occasions

Oliver Ferschke, Head of HR Marketing & Employer Branding, BMW Group


12.00 The Diversity In Diversity: Share Best Practice & Translate Awareness Insights Into Real Action By Catering To The Needs of Neurodiverse Employees That Are Proven To Deliver Results

  • Debunk the myths surrounding neurodivergent colleagues by creating an inclusive work environment that supports flexibility and boosts productivity
  • How can we support neurodivergent employees in virtual settings to promote employee wellbeing and promote a true sense of belonging?
  • Investigate the best strategies to ensure neurodivergent employees can tackle stigma and become confident leaders, ensuring long-lasting gain
  • Lack of representation can contribute to micro-aggressions and create a sense of exclusion… so which policies explicitly address bias and increase visibility within your company?

Kenny Fredsted, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Novo Nordisk

12.20 The Future of ED&I

  • Dan Robertson, widely regarded as a global expert on ED&I will share with us, what he sees as the current challenges facing the world of ED&I and core shifts that are changing the ED&I landscape, including, the rise corporate and employee activism, the rise of global identity politics and the need to take a new radical approach from diversity and inclusion to an agenda that focuses on corporate cohesion.

Dan Robertson, Managing Director, Vercida Consulting

12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sergey Gorbatov, Professor, IE Business School

Fabienne Astier, Global Head of Talent, Ipsen



13.40 Evaluate Your Recruitment & Retention Strategies To Reach Diverse Applicants & Retain Top Talent With Inclusive Recruitment & Onboarding Strategies From The Get-Go

  • And we will say it again… D&I is not just a tick box! How can we truly embed long-lasting and empowering D&I strategies into existing systems to ensure the retention of top talent?
  • Recognize and counter your own unconscious bias by understanding the influence it has on everything from job ads and recruitment to retention – and actioning strategies to work towards equity
  • Ensure your employees feel a true sense of belonging by promoting inclusive onboarding and encouraging cultural awareness amongst all
  • “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance!” We know inclusion is the driver for diversity but how can everyone exercise inclusion practically in their daily routines in and around the workplace?



14.00 Renew & Refresh Your DEI Strategies In A Hybrid Era By Nurturing A Diverse Workforce In & Out Of Office That Drives Creativity & Boosts Profits

  • Uncover new methods and strategies to maintain an inclusive work culture in the digital domain by overcoming language barriers, bias and more
  • Neurodivergence needs, diverse abilities and mental health support: ensure hybrid working arrangements cater to the needs of all employees to increase productivity and job satisfaction
  • Foster a sense of belonging for all employees working both in and out of the office by initiating collaborative and engaging team building exercises which ensure connectivity amongst all

Siri Nomme, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, ING

Lilian Dogiama, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Ilze Kuniga Van Merwijk, Policy Officer, Diversity and Inclusion, European Commission

Dr. Katharina Schiederig, Head of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy, Merck Group


14.50 One Mental Health Conversation At A Time: Explore Real-World & Proactive Strategies To Drive Mental Health Awareness, Create Open, Confidential & Safe Networks Of Support & Break Down Taboos & Remove Stigmas

  • Destigmatize mental health in the workplace by truly understanding the kind of strategies which empower and encourage open conversations by creating a psychologically safe environment and providing direct avenues of support
  • What does good mental health support look like in practice, and what are your employees expecting you to have in place in 2023 and beyond? Explore the latest strategies, practices and services which could work best for your organization and employees from awareness week activities to trained first aiders
  • Tackle the hybrid and remote working model in order to ensure you effectively offer support for employees no matter their location to minimize stresses and anxieties, and create a productive and empowered workforce

14.30 Perspective 1

Birsen Akgunlu, Northern Europe HR Director, Diageo

14.50 Perspective 2

Ananya Sabharwal, Global Head of HR – Unilever Food Solutions, Unilever



15.10 Surviving Vs. Thriving: Reignite An Inclusive Approach By Recognizing Intersectional Experiences & Leveraging Actionable Insights Which Navigate Challenges To Foster A More Equitable Workplace

  • How do different aspects of identity and gender intersect and influence employees’ challenges and opportunities in the workplace?
  • Champion the benefits of investing in employee resource groups and affinity networks to combat discrimination in your workplace for maximum impact
  • How can leaders and managers enhance their understanding by glancing through an intersectional lens and mitigating their own unconscious bias?
  • How can you effectively evaluate the impact of intersectional and inclusion initiatives?

Camille John, Leadership & Diversity & Inclusion Board Member, Soho House

Nisha Raj Coughlan, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader, Cargill

15.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Blue Goose 

Ben Watson, Managing Director, Blue Goose

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break, Informal Networking & Affinity & Employee Network Discussions

Affinity & Employee Network Discussions:

  1. Menopause
  2. Neurodiversity
  3. Disability
  4. Accessibility
  5. Allyship


16.20 The Forgotten Pillar Of Diversity: How Can We Ensure Colleagues From All Classes Feel Included While Performing To The Best Of Their Abilities?

  • With more and more online systems, how can we work more towards visibility of minorities, especially when it’s becoming more difficult to track it?
  • Increase social mobility through your recruitment, development and in house workplace activities by diving deep into the roots of socio economic inclusion
  • Develop targeted initiatives that address the barriers those from lower socio economic backgrounds face to access career progression and more

Berta Estalayo, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Huawei



16.40 Expertise & Experience Are Not Linked Anymore! Address The Systematic Barriers That Perpetuate Age Inequalities In The Workplace To Power An Empowered, Multigenerational Workforce

  • Refresh your D&I programs to showcase your company’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all ages and fostering motivation to boost productivity by examining lessons learned and real-world insights
  • Experience and expertise aren’t so closely linked now, so how can you create new links between generations in your company in order to encourage sharing learnings, skills and expertise?
  • Are your employees equipped with the digital skills to take on the modern workplace? How can you mitigate certain groups feeling excluded and instead providing the tools and skills training for them to succeed?
  • Establish policies which openly support employees of all ages to climb the ladder and progress in their careers without becoming a target of unconscious bias and ageism

17.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference

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