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Drive Practical Action & Power Momentum With Genuinely Inclusive Cultures, Leadership Champions & Insight-Driven, Evidence-Based Recruitment, Hybrid Working, Wellbeing & D&I Policies: Impactful, Refreshed & Innovative Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategies Which Deliver Real, Long-Lasting Results. A One-Day, Practitioner-Led, Cross-Sector & Networking Event, 20th September 2022, Central London at Hilton London Canary Wharf – Back For A 6th Time! No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries – Find Out More.

31 Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Share Brand New & Innovative Insights To Develop Inclusive Company Cultures Which Seek To Diversify & Engage The Top Level, Drive Unbiased Recruitment, Reflect Intersectional Experiences, Support Home & Office Workers’ Mental Health, Promote Inclusive Language & Evidence D&I Progress & Impact With Critical Data & Insights

  1. Fuel Critical Change With Inclusive & Genuine Leadership Support: Empower diversity and change champions within senior leadership for long-term impact, value-add and buy-in
  2. Engage, Retain & Diversify Talent Pools With Unbiased Recruitment: From unconscious bias to conscious inclusion… create inclusive talent pipelines for improved retention
  3. Champion An Open, Supportive & Change-Ready Culture: Build upon allyship, foster inclusivity and promote openness to ensure everyone is heard
  4. Capture & Translate Critical Data Into Actionable Insights! Monitor inclusion, evidence impact and set ongoing I&D agendas to celebrate successes and pinpoint progress areas
  5. Reignite Engagement With Inclusive Hybrid Workforces Post-Covid: Reflect and adapt to ensure that inclusion is a guarantee no matter the working location of your employees
  6. Intersectionality – No One Gets Left Behind! Holistic approaches to truly understand your workforce mosaic and nuances and create a real sense of belonging
  7. Educating Around Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness: Proactively remove stigmas, break down taboos and create an open dialogue
  8. Inspire Long-Lasting Change With Inclusive Language: Promote a safe and transparent environment where exclusionary language is challenged and handled effectively
  9. Deep Dive Spotlights On: Trans-Inclusion, BLM, Gender, Ethnicity & Race, LGBTQ+, Disability, Neurodiversity and Socioeconomic Diversity

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What’s New At The 6th Diversity & Inclusion Conference?

  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring 30 Cross-Sector HR & D&I Directors Speaking: GSK,
    Amazon, BBC, HSBC & Many More!
  • 95% Satisfaction Rating At Our Recent Diversity & Inclusion Conference (March 2022)!
  • Returning For A 6th Time… Back By Popular Demand!
  • New! Inclusive Language, Data Collection &
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Inclusive Cultures B) Hybrid & Flexible Workforces Post-Covid C) Intersectionality
  • 4 Spotlight Sessions With Interactive Group Discussion: A) Trans-Inclusion B) Ethnicity & Race C) Neurodiversity D) Socioeconomic Diversity
  • 4 Lunchtime Informal Breakout Discussions: A) Wellbeing B) Awareness & Access C) Unconscious Bias D) Social Activism
  • Dedicated Networking Opportunities
  • Industry-Respected, One-Day, Brand-Led Event!

You’ll Be In Safe Hands. Here’s What Previous Attendees Have To Say:

31 Diversity & Inclusion & HR Directors Offer Powerful, Practical & Inspiring Case Studies In 1 Day! Inclusive & Diverse Leaders • Unbiased Recruitment • Inclusive Cultures • Data Collection & Representation • Hybrid & Flexible Workforces Post-Covid • Intersectionality • Mental Health • Inclusive Language • Trans-Inclusion, BLM, Gender, Ethnicity & Race, Disability, LGBTQ+ Snapshots

Drive Practical Action & Power Momentum With Genuinely Inclusive Cultures, Leadership Champions Champions & Insight-Driven, Evidence-Based Recruitment, Hybrid Working, Wellbeing & D&I Policies: Impactful, Refreshed & Innovative Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategies Which Deliver Real, Long-Lasting Results. A One-Day, Practitioner-Led, Cross-Sector & Networking Event, 20th September 2022, Central London – Back For A 6th Time!

08.40 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sarah Burbedge, Head of Change, BBC Content Production Workflows, Design & Engineering, BBC

Ingrid Iradukunda, Sr PM & Co-chair of GuIDE Affinity group, Amazon


09.10 Guarantee D&I As A Critical Part Of Your Overall Business Strategy & Secure That All-Important Executive Support & Buy-In By Proving The Value Of D&I Sponsorship, Hitting Representation Targets & Diversifying At The Top Level
  • Engage the disengaged! Align your inclusion strategies with the board’s agenda to prove the vital work of D&I and convert SLTs from agnostic to dedicated D&I champions
  • Programmes, sponsorship, mentoring: what actionable steps can senior managers take to diversify their leadership structures today?
  • The D&I conversation will always be relevant, so how can we maintain consistent leadership support for long-term I&D initiatives for meaningful impact?
  • What does inclusive leadership look like amid the new digital age, and how can we make sure we consistently evolve with the times?
Peter Lewin (He/Him), Senior Director, Global Direct-to-Consumer Growth, Strategy & Investment; Global Membership Lead, Levi Strauss & Co


09.30 Revolutionise Recruitment Processes To Diversify Talent Pools, Attract New Talent & Create Inclusive Pipelines For Improved Retention & Engagement

  • From job ads to aptitude tests…take tangible steps to mitigate unconscious bias from candidate selection with the best new tech, tools and systems in place
  • Avoid attrition spikes! Combine visual representation on top, an inclusive company culture, and consistent I&D strategies which make people feel valued, included, and welcomed to keep employees engaged in your organisation
  • We all know just how crucial it is to have a diverse talent pool! Train and educate recruitment managers to broaden their enrolment scope to diversify talent pools and remove any barriers so that tools are accessible to all
  • Benchmark the progress you have already made in order to conduct a review into your acquisition processes to really drive ongoing inclusive, equitable and fair recruitment
09.30 Lucile Kamar (She/Her), Head of Diversity & Inclusion, ITN

09.50 Dilal Ranasinghe, Group Executive Search Lead, bp



a) Trans-Inclusion

b) Ethnicity & Race

Mohammed Ilyas (He/Him), Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, University of Hertfordshire

c) Neurodiversity

Meike Bliebenicht, Neurodiversity Programme Lead, bp

d) Socioeconomic Diversity

Louise Blythe, Senior Leadership Advisor & D&I Lead, BBC


10.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.30 Strive To Create & Develop A Company Culture That is Authentically Open, Inclusive & Change-Ready To Build Upon Allyship & Enable Employees To Bring Their Whole Selves To Work

  • Everyone should be striving for inclusive culture change! Explore critical insights to create a supportive culture that challenges micro-behaviours and converts agnostic colleagues without vilifying them
  • “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance!”. Getting the balance right is essential, so how can you construct a psychologically safe and inclusive culture alongside your diversity strategies?
  • With hybrid working at the forefront of everyone’s minds, how can you foster inclusivity and promote openness amongst both office and remote workers?
  • Change culture doesn’t happen overnight! Reassure employees in the meantime that your work is genuine and authentic by demonstrating tangible evidence
Sarah Burbedge, Head of Change, BBC Content Production Workflows, Design & Engineering, BBC

Liza Khadjinova (She/Her), Diversity & Inclusion Manager EMEA, Kao Corporation

Heather Palmer (She/Her), Senior Human Resources Business Partner, BBC

Tricia Lucas-Clarke, Early Talent Recruitment Inclusion & Diversity Manager, GSK

Meike Bliebenicht, Neurodiversity Programme Lead, bp

Lynn Roth (She/Her), Vice President, Conduct Culture & Ethics, Internal Audit, Citi


12.00 Monitor The Progress Of Your D&I Journey By Capturing & Translating Data Into Actionable Insights To Ensure Meaningful Change & Improve Representation Within The Industry

  • Utilise your qualitative data! Examine your engagement surveys to set effective targets which can be measured to evidence the success of strategic decisions
  • Benchmark your development: unearth the pitfalls in your D&I strategies, and how can you create actionable initiatives which specifically target these areas?
  • Progress is being made with the gender pay gap, so how can you replicate these improvements to tackle other equally important underrepresented areas for bottom-line results?
  •  With so much sensitivity around personal data collection, how can you create an environment where employees are comfortable to provide extra data?
Dr Jenny Cook, Global Inclusion Manager & Head of Diversity Data, Booking.com


12.20 Transform D&I Strategies To Counteract The Issues Associated With Flexible Working & Provide Unrestricted Development Opportunities For All To Reignite Engagement Across Your Organisation

  • While homeworking has created greater freedom and flexibility, how can you ensure that development opportunities are not restricted for those not physically present in the office?
  • Maintaining a communicative network and increasing inclusivity is key! With dispersed workforces prevalent across businesses today, what are the winning strategies for creating a true connection between colleagues?
  • Avoid reinforcing gender roles! Despite hybrid working offering a flexible alternative, how can you ensure you are avoiding gender biases in strategies moving forward?
Lucy Hodges, Transformation Change Manager, Restructuring, NatWest

Hannah Leach (She/Her/Hers), Vice President, Culture & Learning, Carnival UK (P&O Cruises & Cunard)
Rachael Mitchell, Learning & Development Partner, Financial Ombudsman Service

Deboleena Dasgupta, Global Lead -Talent, DEI & Culture- Wealth & Personal Banking, Private Bank, Asset Mgmt & Insurance, HSBC

Gemma Parker, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, Pets At Home

Jacquie Sutherland, D&I Health & Wellbeing Consultant, The HEINEKEN Company

Romana Bruderer-Schwab (She/Her), Global Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Dentons


12.50 Working Towards Becoming An Anti-Racist Organisation

Lurraine Jones (She/Her) , Deputy Dean for Equality Diversity & Inclusion, The Open University

13.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.50 Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Wellbeing
b) Awareness & Access
c) Unconscious Bias
d) Social Activism

14.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Louise Blythe, Senior Leadership Advisor & D&I Lead, BBC

Mandeep Rupra, (She/Her) Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Citizens Advice


14.30 One Size Doesn’t Fit All! Examine Your Workforce Mosaic To Truly Understand The Nuances Amongst Identities, Foster A Genuinely Open & Supportive Culture & Create A Real Sense Of Belonging

  • Pivot your organisational efforts to consider the multi intersecting aspects of a person’s identity, and what it truly means to be intersectional
  • Ensure that targeted ERG’s collaborate and consider the many lived experiences of a person to prevent colleagues missing out on vital support or feeling alienated
  • Examine the barriers to understanding diversity holistically: what are the steps we can take to remove these and how can we encourage and empower staff networks?
Phillip Thomas, Senior Program Manager, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Amazon

Nichola Swallow (She/Her), Co-Chair LGBTQ+ at Tesco colleague Network, Tesco

Mohammed Ilyas (He/Him), Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, University of Hertfordshire

Ambily Banerjee, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Global Drug Development, Novartis

Garry Clarke-Strange (He/Him), Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Greene King

Chami Dhillon, Group Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Kingfisher plc

Aseia Rafique, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Save the Children UK


15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.30 Breaking Taboos & Removing Stigmas! Drive Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness Across Your Organisation With Proactive D&I Strategies Which Create An Open Dialogue Across The Hybrid Setting

  • With hybrid and flexible working continuing to gain traction, how can we proactively help and support both office and remote workers with their stresses and anxieties?
  • Break down the taboo of discussing mental health in the workplace by creating a psychologically safe environment and providing direct avenues for employees who are struggling
  • From awareness weeks to first aiders and specialised services, what does good mental health support look like in practice, and what are employees today expecting from their workplaces?
Tia Priest, Head of Strategic Inclusion, Department for International Trade

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 Spotlight Sessions

a) Gender

Nichola Swallow, Co-Chair LGBTQ+ at Tesco colleague Network, Tesco

b) BLM

c) Disability

Phillip Thomas, Senior Program Manager, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Amazon


16.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.50 Power Long-Lasting Change By Inspiring A Workforce Ready To Learn & Ensuring Inclusive & Unbiased Language Is Firmly Embedded Into Your Organisational DNA

  • Create real and long-lasting change by challenging the everyday use of language. How can you call out exclusionary language without creating an “us and them” environment?
  • Connect language to business impact to truly grasp the benefits! Understand how inclusive language can be used to increase your talent pool, retain top talent, boost engagement levels and generate business-critical influence
  • Smaller steps contribute to the wider goal! Avoid using archaic language in policies such as family leave to create a workforce absent of exclusionary and gender-bias
Alessandro Storer, Inclusion & Diversity Lead, OVO Energy


17.10 Mental Health & Wellbeing

Katie Lloyd, Global Head of Culture & Organisational Development, The LEGO Group

17.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Louise Blythe, Senior Leadership Advisor & D&I Lead, BBC

Mandeep Rupra, (She/Her) Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Citizens Advice

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